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Our Planning Philosophy

"Plan, Grow, Preserve"

Green Ridge Wealth Planning’s thoughtful approach to financial planning is methodical. We work to ensure that each piece of our financial picture is addressed. This process helps us identify gaps and develop strategies tailored to your goals. We look at the big picture to learn about you as a person or business owner and what drives you to make decisions. This holistic review further helps us customize your plan based on your individual goals and dreams.

1. Discover

Before creating a financial plan for our clients, we take the time to define their goals and motivations. This crucial step allows us to create the context within your plan and make certain that we are acting with your best interest in mind.

2. Assess

Next, our team of advisors conducts a thorough review of your finances to create a cohesive and comprehensive plan. Because we are an independent firm, we have access to a wide variety of products and services.

3. Verify

We believe that an educated client is an empowered client, which is why we strategize as a team and educate you on the solutions we offer. Together, we make informed decisions about your financial future.

4. Implement

Step by step, we guide you through the implementation phase of your plan and act as a financial partner along the way. Our personalized process allows us to guide clients through the many milestones of business succession or wealth management planning.

5. Monitor & Review

Constant and reliable communication is important at our firm, which is why we create a review calendar for our clients, so we may continue to respond to changes in their lives. We also help manage external challenges, such as market volatility and changes in tax law.

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