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Our Investment Philosophy

We have a distinct philosophy. Just like our model for helping businesses prepare for exit and continuity strategies, we do the same thing for your wealth. Here is 3-part approach to investing:

1. Time Diversification

We design around your exit strategy and when you need the funds

  • Short Term - Identifying the amount you need in emergency funds and what amount should be in low volatility investments
  • Mid Term - Non retirement funds that you wont need within 2 years or longer
  • Long Term - Retirement funds or funds you will not need for 10+ years

Not all baskets should be invested the same.  Time plays a major role in how each basket should be invested.

2. Tax Diversification

How do we manage the tax environment based upon your age, income, net worth, and retirement goals so that you are tax conscious for not only today’s environment, but also for the days ahead.

Tax Free

Municiple Bonds and Funds

Roth IRA

Loans from Cash Value Life Insurance

529 Education Plans

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Tax Deferred

401(k)’s, IRA, 403(b), 457

Roth IRA Pension Plans CD’s 



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Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds


Savings and Checking

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3. Risk Diversification

Having a strategy for how to invest is paramount. We work with our clients to create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), outlining their objectives and helping them stay on task and focused.

Strategic Allocation

Sticking with a Strategy

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Tactical Allocation

Finding Opportunity

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Income Strategy

Social Security, Pensions, Annuities, Cash Value life Insurance

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Systematic Risk

  • Market Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Exchange Rate/Currency Risk
  • Tax Risk
  • Political and Sovereign Risk
  • Inflation/Purchasing Power Risk
  • Economic Risk
  • Demographic Risk
  • Social Risk
  • Credit Risk Risk
  • Investment Manager Risk

Non-Systematic Risk

  • Business Risk/Company Risk
  • Operational Risk – cost to run
  • Financial Risk – amount of debt financed

Our job as Wealth Advisors is to help you diversify your risk. Diversification for the sake of diversifying is not an investment strategy. Our thoughtful approach helps to match you in the appropriate risk category and invest for all stages of your life