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Family Office

Green Ridge works with the professionals that you have in place to coordinate your plan. If additional professionals are needed, we have vetted out the best in their industry based on performance and budget so that you have the best options to choose from.

Bringing the four areas of financial, tax planning, estate planning, and insurance matters together under one roof into an integrated framework in and of itself will save time and in certain instances a considerable amount of money. So, rather than spend several hours per week either on the phone to discuss financial matters, think about the advice given, perform due diligence to research or further explore the advice given independently, all of these activities are delegated to the family office representative. He or she provides an informed, efficient update of what options are available on any given financial topic. This leaves your time freed up since a professional investor has already done research and comparative analysis on your behalf. In addition, the professional investor is presenting unbiased and objective information in the best interest of you, the client.